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An accomplished Chartered Engineer ,Sugar Engineer, Legal Expert by qualification and Sugar Industry Consultant by profession with 47 years of experience of working in India and abroad in Sugar industry in very senior level. The experience ranges from 12 years of working in the Indian Sugar Industry and 35 years of international experience in providing engineering / project consultancy and advisory services in Sugar industry, and particularly in the areas of project engineering, feasibility studies and project management in India, South east Asia, Africa (English & French spoken countries) and the Caribbean.





  • Sugar (Raw,/ Plantation white/ Refined) project Engineering and Consultancy;
  • Project Identification
  • Standalone sugar Refineries
  • Feasibility studies of new sugar projects, Rehabilitation, Diversification Studies;
  • Diagnostic/ rehabilitation survey of old plants ;
  • Project appraisal to International Financial Institutions;
  • Sugar Plant Operation & Management;
  • Plant erection & commissioning;
  • Bid documentation and evaluation & Contract Management;
  • Supervision of construction and Installation
  • Environmental studies ;
  • Technical assistance, operational support
  • Technical monitoring and support
  • International Project procurement.;
  • Energy Conservation & Co-generation;
  • Appropriate Technology and Transfer of Technology ;
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Mid term review and final project evaluation
  • Asset Evaluation
  • Training Programmes and preparation of Training Manual
  • Technical advice and assistance in arranging financing for the project




  • Member - Institution of Engineers, Calcutta, India.
  • Fellow - Sugar Technologists Association, Kanpur, India.
  • Member - Deccan Sugar Technologists Association, Pune, India.




  1. Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Sugar Engineering,.
  3. Certificate Course in French
  4. Masters Degree course in Business Laws




Born on 27th May 1946


Experience with International Development Agencies namely


-           World Bank, Washington

-           African Development Bank, Abidjan, Ivory Coast,

-           Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines,

-           Export Import Bank of India, Mumbai, India

-           African Project Development Facility, Abidjan


Chartered Engineer having an experience of 47 years in sugar industry in India and abroad in senior management levels - - As Chief Engineer & Technical Manager for 12 years and as Sugar Industry Consultant for past 37 years as under


  • ASSISTANT ENGINEER (Electrical & Mechanical) from 1967 to May 1971 at M/s. India Sugars and Refineries Ltd., Hospet, Karnataka State,  India.
  • DEPUTY CHIEF ENGINEER from August 1973 to August 1974 at Sanjivani Co-op Sugar Factory, Goa, India.
  • TECHNICAL MANAGER from 1977 to 1979, as CHIEF ENGINEER from 1974 to 1977 and DEPUTY CHIEF ENGINEER from 1971 to 1973 at M/s. Somaiya Sugar works, Sameerwadi, Karnataka, India;
  • CHIEF PROJECT EXECUTIVE (SUGAR DIVISION) with M/s. Agrima Consultants International Pvt. Ltd., Bombay,
  • EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of Sabas Consultancy Services India Pvt. Ltd., Bombay (an subsidiary company of M/s. Sabas Approtech Projects Limited, Toronto, Canada) from 1993 to 2000
  • ASSOCIATE CONSULTANT with J.P. Mukherji and Associates, Pune, India [ JPMA] for their Overseas Sugar projects.
  • INDEPENDENT SUGA CONSULTANT presently from year 2000;



Preparation of  detailed Feasibility Studies,


KENYA            -  Yala Zoia Refined Sugar Project, Kenya (  6000 TCD Plant) - June-July 1979

-  Busia Sugar Project, Kenya (  5000 TCD Plant)  - Jan- March.1981


BURUNDI      -   Mosso Sugar Project, Burundi (  1500 TCD Plant) - Feb 83 to May 1983


NIGERIA        -   Lafiagi Refined Sugar Project, Nigeria  (  5000 TCD Plant)  - Aug 1979 to April 1980

-   Mini Sugar Project, Lafiagi, Nigeria (  500   TCD Plant) - Oct, 1998


SRILANKA     -   Monaragala Sugar Project, Sri Lanka ( 2500  TCD Plant) -  May- June 1985


INDIA             -   Refined Sugar Project, India  (Government of India,)  - July 84 to Oct 1984



Studies and Preparation of detailed Sugar  Project Reports


NEPAL               -   Birganj Sugar Factory, Birganj, Nepal (plantation white sugar- from 1250 TCD to 1500 TCD) -  July 1985 to Dec 1986


CAMAROON      -   Cameroon Sugar Company, Nkotang, Cameroon (Refined sugar- Diagnostic study)) -Nov 1984 to March 1985


KENYA            -    East African Sugar Industries, Muhononi, Kenya (Plantation white sugar- expansion from 1700 TCD to 2200TCD) Jan 1981- Dec 1981


ETHIOPIA    -   Tendaho Sugar Project- Ethiopia – A green field Project of 26000 TCD with Cogeneration


The Tendaho project aims at establishing a cane sugar manufacturing facility at Tendaho site located in the lower Awash valley of the Afar Administration. The project envisages at  total initial milling capacity is to be 26,000 t [about 600,000 t sugar/ annum] raw sugar and / or partial plantation white sugar / Refined sugar with potential for further expansion of capacity in future. The project work is divided into two parts.  In the first part feasibility study and evaluation of options followed by detailed engineering work to be completed and in the second part implementation shall be carried out.

I was senior Member of the JPMA team as sugar Factory Expert which was held in April-May 2005. The study was for site selection and evaluation of technology options, preparation of detailed project engineering and implementation report, preparation of various tender documents for international procurement for establishment of 28,000 TCD Raw sugar  cum Refinery in the Awash River basin of Ethiopia. – a green field project. The work plan for carrying out the Phase 1 of the study has been completed in April 2006 and project implementation is in hand.



Detailed Project Feasibility Reports and Working as Project Coordinator



KENYA         - Expansion and rehabilitation of East African Sugar Industries, Muhoroni, Kenya (A World Bank Project) April 1991 - Dec 1991


NEPAL            -Birganj Sugar Factory, Birganj, Nepal :- Rehabilitation and modernization of plant to 1500 TCD and process conversion. From July 1985 to Dec 1985.



Project Coordinator


UGANDA        -   Sugar Corporation of Uganda, Lugazi, Uganda from 1980 to 1988:- Establishing a modern sugar complex of 2000 TCD. The assignment included all activities from the scratch up to final commissioning of the plant.



Consultant / Advisor




- Sango Bay Estates Ltd. Rakai Dist. Uganda for Rehabilitation of Sugar Project.




- Thabet Group of Industries , Hodeidah, Yemen for their stand alone sugar refinery of 100,000 TPA



- Technical and commercial proposal for Al- Tawra Sugar Company, a Beet Sugar Company in Syria for running the plant as sugar refinery during the off beet campaign.




Team Leader and Training Officer of Management Assistance And Training services team [Sudan Sugar Rehabilitation Project funded by The World Bank (IDA)]


- New Halfa Sugar Company, New Halfa, Sudan, from September 1988 to March 1990 ;During this assignment designed a comprehensive training programme for the Factory & field staff, organized training courses, prepared training manuals and implemented training programmes. Also involved in the rehabilitation of the sugar plant.


Sugar Factory Expert and Later as Project Implementation & Procurement Advisor for Sugar Project Implementation Committee, a cell under Ministry of Industry, Government of Sudan for implementing Sudan Sugar Rehabilitation Project.


-  The World Bank funded this position and worked from  Sept. 1991 to June 1993; was actively participated in the project advisory capacity pertaining to all aspects of international procurement under the guide lines of the World Bank, project administration and also on project financing matters.


Advisor to Overseas Infrastructure Alliance Pvt. Ltd for exploration of new Projects in El- Duam in Central Sudan and Bor in South Sudan[now ROSS].




Member - Appraisal mission of African Development Bank, Abidjan


-  Technical & financial appraisal of Integrated sugar project - Socite Sucrier du Monombondro, Madagaskar in Sept. 1995.




Deputy Team Leader & Factory Expert


 - Technical and Financial Evaluation Study of Integrated Buzi Sugar Project - Buzi,  Mozambique in between December 1993 to April 1994; a   Study financed by African Development Bank and African Development Fund


Team Leader - Technical appraisal Mission,


-   Inhassune Ramalhusca Integrated Agricultural Project, (Project of Cotton , Maize & Livestock) Mozambique in September 1996.




Sugar Industry Expert


-  Preparation of technical and financial feasibility study of Gayvita Sugar Project Nigeria, a consultancy assignment funded African Project Development Facility, International Finance Corporation and Export-Import Bank of India  in Dec 1998  & January 1999.


Chief Consultant / Sugar Expert


-  Diagnostic study and finalize Rehabilitation plans of The Nigerian Sugar Company, Bacita, Kwara State, Nigeria for production of 60,000 tons of refined sugar per annum. in March – August 1991




Team Leader & Sugar Expert


Study to examine the costs and benefits of maintaining versus closing the Sugar Industry at St. Kitts & Nevis, West Indies, and a World Bank aided Project in August 1998 – March 1999.  headed a multi disciplinary team comprising of an economist, a sociologist, a financial analyst, an agronomist, a land planning Specialist, and an industry diversification Specialist. As a Sugar Industry Specialist, undertook the Technical and asset evaluation of St. Kitts Sugar Manufacturing Company, worked out several development options, conducted detailed marketing studies &  future export potential in terms of European Union & US quotas, working out the cost of production at various production levels, worked out investment plans and also the extent of financial injection which the Government of St.Kitts has to inject to keep the industry running.




Expert Sugar Refinery Consultant


Deputed by the Government of India, Ministry of Commerce in July 1984 to visit West European countries which was aimed at studying the refined sugar manufacture facilities in Europe for preparing and submitting a detailed feasibility report to the Ministry of Commerce on establishment of 100% export oriented refiner for production of refined sugar in duty free export zones in India.


Team Leader


Study team  for evaluation of Assets and Rehabilitation Plans for Ambika Sugars Ltd, Amadalavalasa, A.P.


Valuation Expert ,


Valuation of Assets of two sugar Factories in U.P. – Basti Sugar Mills Ltd, Basti and Govindnagar Sugar Co, Walterganj, Basti for M/s  Glenasia Commodities Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi.




Rehabilitation of Keshoraipatan Sugar Factory, Keshoraipatan, Rajasthan- Rehabilitation and restarting of the sugar mill for M/ S Suwalka & Suwalka Properties and Builders Pvt. Ltd, Kota in 2007




Preparation of feasibility study report for a green field project of 2500 TCD at West Champaran District, Bihar for M/s Sohanna International Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, India in 2007




Member of team - Sugar Expert of Restructuring and Privatization Study of Guyana Sugar Industry-


 A study by M/s. Sabas Approtech Projects Limited, Toronto, Canada in association with M/s. Price Waterhouse for privatization of Guyana Sugar Corporation , a company owing six sugar units.  ( Project funded by the World Bank). from April 1995 to Sept 1995:-


Project Advisor- Project Gold


Project Advisor to an international Project Engineering Company- Implementation of Project Gold - for modifications and improvements to Guysuco’s Enmore sugar processing factory which includes a state of art sugar ware house and, packaging plant packaging plant and sugar factory process improvements including improvement in colour of the sugar produced.




Expert Member of the team as Sugar Industry Expert


Sugar - Ethanol Study of Jamaica in Nov- Dec 2004 – [A study by J.P.Mukherji & Associates Pvt. Ltd Pune in association Proj Industries Ltd. Pune ] for study of status of its sugar industry & its future, Possibilities of cogeneration and production and export of  ethanol in the island.

An Ongoing Project



Lead Consultant- University of West Indies Consulting


Lead Consultant to team of experts- Feasibility study for establishing sugar refining facilities at Jamaica; a report for Development Bank of Jamaica enabling the government to make policy decisions.


ETHIOPIA      Expert Member of the team as sugar Factory Expert


Tendaho Sugar Project – Ethiopia in April-May 2005 for site selection and evaluation of technology options for establishment of 28,000 TCD Raw sugar  cum Refinery in the Awash River basin of Ethiopia.

Ongoing Project


ZAMBIA          Expert Member of the team as sugar Factory Expert


LEUNA Sugar Project – North Zambia in 2007 for site selection and feasibility studies for establishment of 5000TCD sugar in Kalangushi River basin of Zambia.

Ongoing Project


BENIN            Expert Member of the team as sugar Factory Expert


Green Field Sugar Project – Benin, West Africa in March 2007 for site selection and feasibility studies for establishment of 5000TCD sugar Complex


BURKINA FASO        Expert Member of the team as sugar Factory Expert


Bagre Green Field Sugar Project – Burkina Faso, West Africa in January 2008 for site selection and feasibility studies for establishment of 5000TCD sugar Complex in Nakambe River basin of Burkina Faso.

Ongoing Project


VIETNAM  Technical Advisor


To National Heavy Engineering Cooperative Ltd, Pune, India for expansion of plant from 4000 TCD to 8300 TCD in North Vietnam sugar mill.


Sugar Industry Consultant to Deloitte & Touche , Uganda :


Deloitte & Touche were appointed in May 2011 by the Government of Ugandation of Kinyara Sugar Works through the Ministry of Finance to carryout Business Valuation of Kinyara Sugar Works Ltd. Government of Uganda wanted to disinvest remaining 49% of its shareholding and prior to divestiture , it wanted to carry out a business evaluation. I was the member of study team as Sugar Industry Expert.


Sugar Industry Consultant to Deloitte Consulting Pvt. Ltd Co , Ethiopia :


Deloitte were appointed in April 2014 by Ethiopian Sugar Corporation as Consultants to carry out restructuring of the Corporation in the areas of Procurement, Logistics and Property Administration, Corporate Audit, Human Resources Development, Finance and Investment Appraisal which is presently on going. I am the member of study team as Sugar Industry Expert.





India, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Nepal, Mozambique, Cameroon, Nigeria, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Guyana , Jamaica, Zambia, Benin, Mauritius, Yemen, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Trinidad and Tobago, Syria , Vietnam and St. Kitts & Nevis.




Read, Write, Speak            :        English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil.

Basic Working knowledge   :        Arabic, French. Kiswahili [(General)]





Published technical papers at convention of Sugar Technologist Association of India.


 (i)      Some Aspects of Cane Shredding

 (ii)     Mill Ratios and Their Influence on Milling Performance.